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World Bank-Austria Urban Partnership Program

World Bank-Austria Urban Partnership Program

06 July 2015, 15:06

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Local self-governments and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) are important partners in planning all activities which will help towns and municipalities in Serbia better protect themselves against natural disasters we are more and more exposed to, said Marko Blagojević at the conference on improving local self-government capacities in Southeast Europe. 

Unitas Foundation Makes a Donation to Flood-Affected Farmers

09 July 2015, 14:09

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Ub, 9 July 2015 – Director of the Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief Marko Blagojević and the President and founder of the UNITAS Foundation Branko Kovačević visited today farmers in the villages of Crvena Jabuka and Sovljak, in the municipality of Ub, who were donated plastic greenhouses by the foundation to restart their agricultural production following devastating floods. 

Second Round of Assistance to Flood-Affected Serbian Farms to Begin

17 July 2015, 12:17

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FAO and the EU will start a second round of assistance to flood-affected small-scale farms this month. Over 7,000 households engaged in farming and not included in the first round of the EU assistance applied. Assistance in the second round will reach 23 municipalities which participated in the first round and six additional municipalities.

Apart from the additional assistance for farmers through the European Union donation, the Government of Serbia adopted the National Program for Flood Relief at Agricultural Land worth around 60 million dinars to include all registered farming households and family farms whose land was hit by floods last year. 

Reconstructed Korenita-Krupanj Road Inaugurated

24 July 2015, 11:24

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The reconstructed Korenita-Krupanj road, connecting the municipality with Loznica, was inaugurated today in the presence of the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, who was declared an honorary citizen of Krupanj. 

Study on Flood Management in Kolubara River Basin to Reduce Future Flood Risk

28 July 2015, 14:28

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources signed today in Belgrade the contract to carry out the Study on Flood Management Improvement in the Kolubara River Basin which had been hit hardest in the floods last year.

The study will show which measures should be implemented to reduce the risk of floods and possible damage to infrastructure and also develop the system to protect flood risk areas in the Kolubara River Basin. The study is the first step towards a more efficient flood management planning in this basin, and also a more focused work on flood prevention measures.