Donor conference

The Donor Conference for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for provision of additional funds aimed at removing the consequences of disastrous floods that hit these two countries will be held in Brussels at the ministerial level on the 16 July organized by the European Commission, France and Slovenia.


The goal of the Donor Conference was to raise the funds for reconstruction and flood relief of the severely affected areas in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


At the donor conference in Brussels, for the recovery from floods in Serbia it was raised 995 million Euros, while for the same purpose for Bosnia and Herzegovina it was raised 809 million Euros. The event was attended by representatives of 23 international organizations and 60 countries.


Besides providing the international financial assistance, the Donor Conference will contribute to improved cooperation in prevention and remediation after natural disasters in the region.

The Report on the needs assessment for reconstruction and flood relief produced in the period from 10 June to 10 July 2014 according to the official needs assessment methodology of the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank will also be presented at the Donor Conference. The Report was produced by the mixed working groups of line ministries of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and expert teams of international organizations coordinated by the Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief.

According to the preliminary Report, the total needs for remediation and reconstruction is estimated at 1.345 billion EUR.


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