25 July 2014, 15:25

EU grant EUR30 million to flooded municipalities recovery

Obrenovac, 25. July 2014. - Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport and Minister in charge of European integration Jadranka Joksimovic signed in Obrenovac the EUR30 million agreement of recovery aid, aimed to reconstruct schools, kindergartens, roads and houses in 24 flooded municipalities.


EU grant EUR30 million to flooded municipalities recovery


At the Obrenovac's Gymnasium, one of the damaged institutions targeted with agreement's reconstruction funds, Davenport said that the EU and Serbia would work together on the reconstruction of flooded areas, thus extending their cooperation and friendship.


"As of today, we begin the implementation of projects aimed at supporting citizens throughout the flooded areas,” Davenport said and stressed that EUR30 million from EU's IPA funds would be used for the reconstruction of schools, kindergartens, construction of the Krupanj-Korenita-Krst road, as well as livestock restoration and assistance to SMEs.


Davenport said Serbia would obtain the additional funds from the EU Solidarity Fund, adding that, although Serbia was a candidate country, it would be treated as an EU Member State within the Fund.


Serbia is due to apply for the money within the EU Solidarity Fund up until the second half of August, whereas the decision on this would be made by the end of 2014, Head of the EU Delegation said.


"We are helping citizens to get a roof over their heads as soon as possible. Solidarity will continue until all of the flooded areas are recovered,” Davenport said.


EU grant EUR30 million to flooded municipalities recovery

Foto: Fonet


Davenport also signed the contracts on specific construction works in regard to reconstruction of schools, roads and hospitals, with international organisations in charge of projects' implementation. Among other organisations, the contracts were signed with UN Office for project services and Danish refugee council.