The Public Investment Management Office is a new body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia tasked with managing the projects of reconstruction and aid allocation following natural and other hazards, but primarily the projects of reconstruction of thousands of preschool, school, health care and social protection establishments.

The Public Investment Management Office has been established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 95/15. The Decree stipulates that the Office shall perform expert, administrative and operational activities to serve the needs of the Government, related to coordination of the implementation of projects of reconstruction and improvement of public facilities within the competence of the Republic of Serbia, Autonomous Province or local self-government units in terms of collecting the data on current and scheduled projects and the needs for public facility reconstruction, needs and feasibility assessment of the proposed projects, priority identification, coordination of public procurement procedures, meeting of contractual obligations and payments, and also other activities stipulated by the Law or the Government Decision.

In its activities, the Office shall use the experience gained in post-flood reconstruction and it shall perform its duties in an efficient and responsible way, observing the highest standards of transparency. Furthermore, the work shall be carried out with active participation of all local communities, both in the process of decision-making and in the process of implementation.

Additionally, the Law on Reconstruction following Natural and Other Hazards, stipulates that the Public Investment Management Office shall take over all rights and obligations from the Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief, on the day the Law becomes effective.