12 July 2016, 13:12

Works Completed on Watercourses in Several Municipalities in Serbia

Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić attended today the delivery of the official notification of the completion of the project of reconstruction of flood defence structures, funded from the donation of the Government of Italy, to the representatives of local self-governments of Krupanj, Loznica, Kladovo and Osečina.

The notification was delivered to the representatives of the local self-governments by Italian Ambassador to Serbia Giuseppe Manzo.

Following the floods which hit our country in May 2014, the Government of Italy donated EUR 800,000 of direct assistance to Serbia.

In cooperation with the Public Investment Management Office, priority areas were established according to the assessment of risk of any future natural disaster of this type.

Five projects of river bank and bed reconstruction were selected and implemented in four municipalities, with two projects implemented in Krupanj: "Reconstruction of Watercourses of Rivers of Bogoštica, Čađavica and Likodra", in the amount of EUR 160,215, and "Rehabilitation of River Banks and Bed of Likodra from Brezovička Area to Krasava", in the amount of EUR 62,517.

Owing to these projects, the river bed of Likodra has been cleaned and expanded, together with the beds of two more rivers - Bogoštica and Čađavica which flow through Krupanj and the village of Krasava.

The profile of the rivers was thus re-established, eliminating the risk of any possible future flooding in these settlements.

"Project of Reconstruction and Repair of the Watercourse of Štira" was implemented in the Municipality of Loznica, with EUR 83,008 allocated for the purpose of cleaning deposited sediments and strengthening stone embankment.

In the Municipality of Osečina, EUR 164,994 was allocated for the project of re-establishing the flow of the Jadar. Owing to this project, in Osečina, there were no apparent consequences of the new flood wave which hit Serbia in March this year.

The total of EUR 170,897 was allocated for the purpose of repairing the damaged river profile and bed of the Danube tributary - Velikokamenička River in the Municipality of Kladovo. Stabilization structures and cascades have been constructed on this tributary of the Danube in order to eliminate the risk of future floods in the village of Velika Kamenica which was hit hard by the flooding in May 2014.

The works were performed by three domestic construction companies under the supervision of the PWME "Srbijavode", while the contracts with the companies were signed on 13 November 2015 in the presence of Prime Minister Vučić and President of the Italian Senate Pietro Grasso.

All projects commenced in November 2015 and were completed within the six-month deadline.

Director of the Public Investment Management Office Marko Blagojević stressed that the works to improve flood defence infrastructure and construct new infrastructural facilities in Osečina, Loznica, Krupanj and Kladovo were completed successfully.

Expressing gratitude to the representatives of Italy, he noted that the flood defence works should soon commence on the territories of Lučani and Čačak.

In the years ahead, we will focus on prevention, by introducing new regulations, establishing a new system, but also by improving the existing and constructing new infrastructural facilities, said Blagojević.