10 June 2014, 16:10

United Nations Aid to Serbia 1.8 Million USD

Belgrade, 10 June 2014 – Director of the Government Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief, Marko Blagojevic said earlier today that Serbia would receive financial aid in the amount of 1.8 million USD from the United Nations (UN) in the days to come.


Irena Vojačkova Solorano and Marko Blagojević

Irena Vojačkova Solorano and Marko Blagojević

Photo: Tanjug


At the press conference regarding the first part of financial support that this organization provided to help the flood affected population, and which would be directed to projects implemented by five UN agencies in Serbia, Blagojevic emphasized that Serbia was very grateful to the UN for the quick assistance response.


He stated that currently, in cooperation with this organization, the World Bank and the European Union, they were collecting information that would be summarized in a single document and which would very soon identify the needs following the floods.


As he explained, that report would also be used for international donors to raise the funds for rehabilitation after this natural disaster.


Serbia is not alone in the recovery of the country. It is part of a big family. It is good that in this situation we have partners from all over the world that we can rely on, said Blagojevic.


According to him, the Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief currently has at its disposal over 20 million EUR whereas the exact amount may be checked at the Ministry of Finance’s website.


Talking about the beginning of construction of demolished houses and reconstruction of the damaged ones, he said that it would commence in the days to come and emphasized that new locations for the destroyed houses built on the flood prone areas would be urgently identified.


Blagojevic announced that the next day an agreement would be signed with companies that would donate the seed for 20,000 farms. He noted that donation was intended for small farms on which the flood destroyed the entire crops.


The UN Resident Coordinator, Irena Vojackova-Sollorano, explained that the mentioned funds of 1.8 million USD were provided from the Central Emergency Response Fund and that that was just the first part of the aid.


Ms. Sollorano reminded everyone that this organization and the Red Cross had been helping Serbia to deliver aid since the beginning of floods and now they were mobilizing their own resources and providing professional assistance.