29 March 2016, 21:29

School in Svilajnac Reconstructed with RSD 40 Million from EU Solidarity Fund

Svilajnac Mayor Predrag Milanović and Director of the Public Investment Management Office Marko Blagojević handed over today to students and teachers the reconstructed building of the Secondary School which received RSD 40 million of investment from the EU Solidarity Fund. 

The works on the building included repair of the roof, foundation, reconstruction of all interior walls, installations, construction of new toilets, walls, heating system, façade. . .

"This is the main building of the Secondary School, renovated after the reconstruction of the High School building, and now, all there is left to do is to provide new desks, boards, furniture… and we have an agreement in principle with the Novak Đoković Foundation that they would make the donation. Should there be any procedural problem, the municipality will provide the resources until the start of the new school year", said Milanović at the handover ceremony.

Milanović also noted that the building where practical training was conducted had also been repaired.

Blagojević underlined that the reconstruction of the school is "a part of the project of repairing public buildings, implemented by the Public Investment Management Office, and it is one of 51 structures in total which are included in the programme".

"This is the second largest and the second most expensive structure currently constructed within the programme, and the first to have been completed, demonstrating the engagement of the Municipality of Svilajnac which was especially active in terms of projects submitted", said Blagojević. .

The first and the largest was the bridge over the Resava in this municipality, said Blagojević, underscoring that a lot had been done in Svilajnac since the flooding in May 2014 and that this municipality was also the biggest beneficiary of the EU Solidarity Fund resources.

During the performance of works, the Secondary School in Svilajnac was also visited by the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, and Milanovic stressed today that "this is the sixth school in the Municipality of Svilajnac to have been reconstructed in the past year".

Source: Tanjug