28 March 2016, 14:28

Reconstruction of Health and Educational Facilities in Valjevo and Koceljeva

Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said today in Valjevo that the state would continue reconstructing schools and health centres throughout Serbia, noting that such an effort required support, assistance and energy of positive-minded people who would join forces to work for a better future of the country. 

In Divci, near Valjevo, Vučić attended opening of a new clinic whose construction was funded by the Public Investment Management Office of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, from the resources of the EU Solidarity Fund.

He said on that occasion that the construction of the facility cost RSD 9.5 million, noting that the works commenced end of December last year and that the investor was PE Department for Urban Planning, Development Land, Roads and Construction of Valjevo.

According to him, the health centre will be open seven days a week, employing a doctor who would be accommodated in the house located next to the clinic.

The Prime Minister promised to the large audience of citizens that the roads in the town would also be repaired and constructed as agreed with the local self-government, announcing that the sanitary block in the school would be renovated, while the football pitch belonging to the local football club YFC "Divci" would be repaired.

The clinic opening ceremony was also attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovičić, Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar and Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Srđan Verbić.

Later on, Vučić visited the Medical School "Dr Miša Pantić" in Valjevo, where he attended the signing of the contract for reconstruction of the educational facility.

On that occasion, he stated that the value of the works to reconstruct the school amounted to approximately RSD 17 million, exclusive of VAT, specifying that the work completion term was 90 calendar days.

We will do everything possible to improve the standard of living which would mean larger income, better schools, roads, health centres, and that the citizens finally see and feel all this for themselves, underlined the Prime Minister.

He noted that in the past month only, he had visited 25 schools and hospitals, adding that he planned to visit 1,000 of such facilities during the year.

Speaking about the renovation of the Medical School, Vučić said that the building would be painted, new windows installed, attic and roof reconstructed, and also the toilets which had not been included in the tender documentation.

During the visit, the Prime Minister spoke with students, informing them that they would soon have a better, more beautiful and safer school.

Director of the school Aleksandar Maravić presented the Prime Minister with the fact that the building had been constructed in 1906 and that it had been the premises of the medical school since 1965.

Today, Vučić also visited the works to adapt and reconstruct the building of the Ambulatory Care Clinic in Draginje, in the Municipality of Koceljeva.

On this occasion, he stressed once again that these works as well, whose value was estimated at EUR 5 million, were financed by the Public Investment Management Office from the EU Solidarity Fund.

The Prime Minister also visited the Primary School "Mića Stanojlović" in Koceljeva, where, speaking with the students, he noted that they would have a better, well arranged school and that their sole duty was to study.

This was also the occasion when the contract for the reconstruction of this educational facility was signed, with RSD 15 million earmarked for the works scheduled to commence on April 4 and last for 45 days.