23 December 2015, 10:23

Municipal infrastructure improvements for disaster risk reduction

In Trstenik, the construction of the river bank protection on Ljubostinjska river is progressing to plan (Gabion wall, 110m), and includes also the torrential barrier reparation next to water source Prnjavor and the stabilization of the river channel next to the local pedestrian bridge.

These interventions will provide appropriate protection of main water supply line from "Prnjavor" water source to the town of Trstenik in central Serbia, directly benefiting some 13 800 inhabitants of the Trstenik municipality.

The total value of the works is US$ 64,209.93 with the completion due date of 8 January 2016.

In Vrnjačka Banja, UNDP completed the construction of two new torrential barriers on Gocka and Celijska river. These will protect local communities by holding back logs, rocks, mud and other debris and materials which have demonstrated their destructive power in the torrential floods of 2014.

In Paraćin, rain drainage has been collected to date in a lagoon for waste water treatment. Since the lagoon is overflowing and out of duty, the rain drainage goes directly to Velika Morava river without any pre-treatment.

With the construction of fi 800 corrugated PE pipe, 700m in length, the rain drainage will be collected, pre-treated in interceptor and eventually directed to Velika Morava river.

This intervention will benefit approx. 10 000 local residents, at the total cost oif US$ 116,273.36 and the completion date of 29 December 2015.

All of the aforesaid interventions have been made possible thanks to the project entitled “Increased Resilience to Respond to Emergency Situations”, funded by the Government of Japan and implemented by UNDP in partnership with the Serbian Government Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief.