European Union Supported over 60,000 Flood-affected citizens

European Union Supported over 60,000 Flood-affected citizens

31 December 2015, 10:31

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European Union is the biggest donor for flood relief in Serbia, given that it has thus far made available more than EUR150 million through its Solidarity Fund and IPA instruments. EU assistance has reached over 60,000 citizens in 32 towns and municipalities through projects of construction and reconstruction of houses, reconstruction of public buildings and infrastructure, as well as support to farmers and small businesses.

Municipal infrastructure improvements for disaster risk reduction

23 December 2015, 10:23

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In Trstenik, the construction of the river bank protection on Ljubostinjska river is progressing to plan (Gabion wall, 110m), and includes also the torrential barrier reparation next to water source Prnjavor and the stabilization of the river channel next to the local pedestrian bridge.

Serbia to turn Sendai Framework into law

01 October 2015, 16:01

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Serbia aims to become the first country to incorporate all aspects of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction into national legislation following its experience with devastating floods last year.

International Conference on Post-Flood Recovery Results in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Held in Sarajevo

28 September 2015, 09:28

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Following a Donors' Conference held in Brussels a little more than a year ago, Sarajevo hosted the international conference to review the progress made on the results of the Brussels Donors' Conference addressing post-flood recovery in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The gathering of donors saw the results achieved in reconstruction, and in the level and method of implementing the pledged donations. Furthermore, current situation in flood affected areas was also reviewed, and future priorities established. 

Reconstruction of All Lazarevac Dams Set for mid-November Completion

25 August 2015, 13:25

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United Kingdom Ambassador to Serbia Denis Keefe, Director of the Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief Marko Blagojević and Belgrade Mayor Siniša Mali visited today the site of the reconstruction works at the river of Peštan, executed within the UK Government-funded project for the prevention of floods from the Kolubara Basin rivers. The works within the project commenced in May and so far, reconstruction of dams has been completed at the rivers of Kolubara, Turija and Lukavica. 

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